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A Gift from Adversity Front cover.jpg

A musician.


A model.


An actress.


A journalist. 


A filmmaker. 


A single mother.


A survivor.

In her book, A Gift from Adversity: Overcoming Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Bullying, and Homelessness, Juri Love lays her soul bare. Her triumph over these challenges and how she has used them to fuel her successes is an inspirational story of resilience.

“As clear from her story, Juri is an honest, perceptive and courageous woman and the account she tells in her autobiography of her trials and difficulties is confronting and yet inspiring. She has overcome abuse, despair, loneliness to achieve a great deal both professionally and personally, particularly through her ability to reach out and engage with others. Her book is an account of her struggles and her power to overcome her tribulations and her thoughtful advice to others in similar situations. It deserves to be read and shared widely.”

Dr Geraldine Bloustien

Adjunct Professor

University of South Australia

About Juri Love

Juri Love, the "Goddess of Connection", is a musician, model, actor, survivor of abuse and homelessness, motivational speaker, a reporter for The Foxboro Reporter, Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, and Rotarian. 


She is a scholarship recipient of Berklee College of Music and has toured nationally, performed, recorded, and produced many albums. 


She is a former Founder/President of Genuine Voices, a nonprofit which taught music in the Juvenile Detention Center, and is a recipient of "Heroes Among Us" from the NBA Boston Celtics, Volunteerism award from The New England Patriots, and the Paul Harris Award from Rotary International. 


Her inspiring life was featured in many media including the Japanese Reality Show which aired in 2017 and was viewed by 7.5 million people. 


Juri is a single mother and has two children. She lives in Massachusetts.

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