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Juri helped me when my company was small and just starting out. She gave me many resources and suggestions which helped immensely. Some of them I still use today! Juri is able to give honest and helpful feedback, encourages action towards your goals, and was able to provide creative solutions to many of my business obstacles.

Jill Spring 


Get It Going


I hired Juri Love to help me start my business as a photographer.  We met weekly for three months where each week had a different topic to discuss.  Juri was very professional and knowledgeable about business, marketing, and social media.  She thinks outside of the box, coming up with ideas I could not have come up with on my own.  I recommend her to those starting a business, to anyone looking to expand their presence on social media, and to business' looking to rebrand.

Lauren Hollingshead


Photos by Purple Lauren 

Juri has been working with me as a business consultant for a few months and she has helped me tremendously. She has such a positive attitude and you can’t help but believe in yourself when you are done with her! She has mentored me and provided me with resources and tools that I didn’t even know existed. She is very knowledgeable on so many levels and I admire her ability to make it all come together for you. She is honest  and upfront which I find to be very refreshing. I would not be where reaching my goals if it weren’t for her. 

Nicole Kerr

Executive Director and Founder

Nursing Mothers Matter 

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