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Jaden Onwuakor was born on October 31st, 2010. Jaden is a multi-lingual, multi-talented musician who plays trumpet, piano, violin and sings. He has performed at Boston City Hall Plaza and other venues. He is an avid athlete, reader and internationally recognized model and actor. His father is Nigerian (Igbo) and his mother (Juri Love) is Japanese. He aspires to be a pilot. Jaden is an official member of U.S.A. Swimming and AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)

Height: 4.2 ft

Weight: 56 lb

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Brown

Clothe Size: 7 T

Shoe Size: Youth 2

Photo by Julie Curry


Hasbro, Master Card, BJ's Wholesale Club, Summer Infant,

Knock Knock Museum (Baton Rouge, LA), Palm Press,

Dorel Juvenile Group, Eric Carle, Force of Nature,

TV and Social Media Commercial

General Electric (GE),, BJ's, Marshalls, Force of Nature, 

Fashion Show
Special Skills

Singing, Rap, Acting, Trumpet, Violin, Piano, Parkour, Karate, Basketball, Flag football, Baseball,

Track (1-mile 5:44 at age 6, 5K 23:46 at age 7), Swimming (50M Freestyle 1:06m 100M Backstroke 2:46), 



Fluent in English and Japanese, Basic Spanish and Igbo (Nigerian native language)

Boston Green Fest., Boston Children's Museum,

Chinese New Year Fashion Show (Boston)

Musical Theater

Aladdin, Seussical

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